Lodestar International
  1. Approach

    Lodestar’s suite of at-bit and collar-based Dynamics While Drilling (DWD) tools allow customers to obtain accurate high frequency downhole data, enabling them to create a more efficient and cost-effective drilling program. Our unique solutions can meet each project’s unique needs and requirements.

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  3. Technology

    Lodestar’s I-SERIES suite of DWD technology consists of the at-bit I-SUB and versatile I-STRING, both of which offer 18 continuously recorded channels at record rates of up to 100 Hz, giving customers an accurate, high resolution portrayal of the dynamic response of drilling operations to optimize their drilling programs.

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  5. Use Cases

    As part of Lodestar’s service package, we offer data visualization and analysis in an easy to read format that allows our customers to quickly formulate drilling insights and decisions. Integrating our high frequency DWD data with other data sources such as mud logs, MWD, and the EDR enables us to pinpoint dysfunctions and identify possible solutions. Read more for use case examples.

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  7. About Us

    Lodestar International is a global leader in Dynamics While Drilling (DWD) technology. We design, manufacture, and operate downhole drilling dynamics products that allow our customers to evaluate failures, monitor and optimize drilling strategies, and enhance project efficiencies.

    At Lodestar, our mission is to deliver the best DWD technology and service to help our customers efficiently achieve their drilling goals.

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  9. Blog



    Lodestar International is an innovator in oilfield technology. We are a small team that takes pride in providing the best tools and service in the industry. Our Dynamics While Drilling (DWD) Department is growing due to our continued traction in the Drilling market. As such, we are looking for a self-motivated engineer to help us support our operations in the West Texas area.  Read more.

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